GREEN-EDGE OILFIELD SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous company incorporated in August, 2009 after operating as an enterprise since September, 2000.


The liabilities and assets of the former were incurred by GREEN-EDGE OILFIELD SERVICE LTD

This metamorphosis was a result of expansion, increase in operations andsystematic specialization in various engineering fields.


Our strong management teams of professionals have always demonstrated our proficiency in the execution of our client’s project within specification.

With a solid team of experienced engineers, technicians and craftsmen of proven track records, our company has been able to demonstrate our proficiency in the execution of our projects in the most professional way taking cognisance of the safety of our personnel and materials.






The Management of GREEN-EDGE is totally focused on the delivery of top quality professional service to our clients. We regard our clients as the lifeline of our business and therefore we take their business very seriously. Our approach to our clients business is that of partnership in operation and we believe in total job satisfaction whenever we provide any kind of service to our customers. Thus our motto “FOCUSING ON EXCELLENCE”.


This is what we strive to achieve at GREEN-EDGE and this philosophy has served us well as endorsed by our progress so far.





AT GREEN-EDGE, we work very hard at being the best Service Company in our businesses. While doing this we are also focusing on job safety. We are fully committed to servicing our clients safely and without any detrimental effects to our environment. We want to earn your business.